Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Finding a Luxurious Home Away From Home A vacation rental in Riviera Maya, Mexico Rates start at $1,550 a night

A vacation rental in Riviera Maya, Mexico, from Rates, which can vary greatly, start at $1,550 a night.

With more adults in the United States choosing to stay in vacation rentals, sites are increasingly catering to travelers looking for posh accommodations.

Websites like Airbnb and Couchsurfing have long helped travelers save money by renting and swapping their homes (or merely their couches) rather than pay for hotels. But as the sharing economy evolves, and as luxury travel grows, rental and home swap sites are increasingly catering to travelers with the desire (and budget) for a more sumptuous home away from home. Read more

Detox Your Body and Mind in Geneva New wellness-oriented hotels, vegetarian-friendly restaurants, and high-end spas

Explore Geneva’s scruffy Pâquis neighborhood at the year-old Manotel N'vY (from $189), located a five-minute walk from Lake Geneva (Lac Léman to local French speakers). The 153-room hotel features in-room chromotherapy lighting, vegetable-based Etro bath amenities, and glass-walled bathrooms with boxy tubs overlooking the lake. The lounge fireplace and 24-hour gym offer respite from cold, wet days, as do the colorful public spaces designed by several artists, ....Read more